Browsing pages with MathML content

To access properly pages using MathML, it is necessary to use a MathML enabled browser. Unfortunately this is not automatic! But it is very easy.

There are 2 ways, depending on the browser you are using. Some browsers have MathML support included (for instance, the Mozilla family and Amaya), and some other need to install a plug-in (e.g. Ms Internet Explorer).

A few browsers still don’t offer MathML rendering!

Well, this is a mess. To my knowledge, there is no way to display MathML contents within Safari. Let’s hope apple will fix this soon! Anyway all other browsers on Mac OS will work.

The stable version of Opera is not working with MathML either, but they are working on it (see post below).

Summary of MathML support

Browser MathML support Versions Notes
Mozilla YES >= 0.9.9 Install fonts (see this post), applies to all Mozilla-based browers: Firefox, Netscape, Galeon, Epiphany, Camino,
Internet Explorer NO, but plugins exist   Plugins like MathPlayer and TechExplorer enable IE to support MathML
Opera YES (beta version)   from this build
Amaya YES all  
Safari NO    

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