odt2dtbook 1.0.1 is available

On 7 novembre 2008 by dom

odt2dtbook 1.0 was released on October 13, the same day as OOo 3.0 official launch. Version 1.0 is quite improved regarding the previous versions. A lot of new features were included. Current release 1.0.1 corrects a number of bugs andis now rather stable.

The list of supported tags is published on odt2dtbook website. Let us say here the main features.

Odt2dtbook supports obviously structured documents. All headings styles present in the document will be converted to the corresponding DTBook tags. Additionally if no heading is present in the document, a warning box will appear to encourage the user to use styles in order to improve accessibility, when trying to export this document to DTBook.
Page numbering is supported, including advanced management of page numbering:

  • support of different numbering types in different parts of the document (like i, ii, iii in the preface and 1, 2, 3 in the main part for instance)
  • mapping of the original document page numbers (for instance: when several pages in the word processor correspond in reality to one single page of an original book/magazine; in that case the user can set the document so the DTBook pages will correspond to the original document).

A number of other advanced features of word processing software are also supported, as for instance: notes (end notes, rear notes), table of contents, multilingual documents. The user has the possibility to choose between automatic generation of DTBook  FrontMatter (resp. RearMatter) or advanced Front Matter (the same for RearMatter).

When the source document is ready in OpenOffice.org, it is time to export it to a DTBook file. Launch the “Export as Daisy” command: a dialog box will ask for the Title/Creator/Publisher of the book and allow to set up a few options. A UID is automatically generated (as DTBook requests a unique UID), but the user can change it to any personal UID if needed.

During the processing of the XML output document, the empty headings and paragraphs are removed, and additionally it is correctly indented. A CSS style sheet can be exported with the document, which allows to view the DTBook using a simple browser (like Firefox).

Download odt2dtbook at http://odt2dtbook.sourceforge.net !

EDIT odt2dtbook is now odt3daisy : http://odt2daisy.sourceforge.net !

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