How to setup Ms Internet Explorer for displaying MathML contents

On 2 juillet 2008 by dom

Ms Internet Explorer does not come with MathML support but 2 plugins enable it:

  • The excellent MathPlayer plugin, developed by Design Sciences, proposes a nice rendering AND cool accessibility features: zoom, enlightenment, transcription for speech synthesis. MathPlayer can be used together with IE versions ≥ 5.5.
  • Techexplorer plugin displays MathML on all IE versions ≥ 5.0, including the old MacOS version of IE (which is not maintained any more by MS).

On one hand it’s a pity that Ms, even in the recent IE7, still does not handle MathML. But on the other hand, it allows the development of excellent projects. For instance MathPlayer does not only display MathML contents in IE, but it also supports accessibility. It allows to zoom on the formula, and generates an alternative sentence to be said by a speech synthesis if a screen reader requests it. Additionally we are working with Design Science in order to provide online conversion to Mathematical Braille. This is not available yet, but comes asap.

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