How to setup Mozilla for displaying MathML contents

On 25 novembre 2007 by dom

The easiest way to display properly a web page containing MathML is probably to use a browser from the Mozilla family. Indeed all browsers based on the Gecko rendering engine offer MathML support. It includes Firefox, Galeon (requires Gnome), Epiphany (requires Gnome), Netscape (versions ≥ 7), Camino (for Mac)…

The Mozilla rendering engine of MathML needs specific Mathematical fonts that are not installed as standard in operating systems. It is then necessary to install them. Mozilla/fonts gives all necessary information to download theses fonts for various operating systems.

On Ms Windows or the Mac OS X, download the corresponding font installer and follow the instructions:

It looks that firefox 3 last beta version has broken MathML support. Bug is categorised as « Critical », so let’s hope it will be soon fixed!

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